I am all you've ever wanted. (nfg4evergirl182) wrote,
I am all you've ever wanted.

I went fucking crazy last night. and I feel like i've lost a part of myself.

thank you to ally for being so caring in the bathroom. comforting someone you're not very close with shows just how fucking amazing i KNOW you are.

and thank you to kelly perry for loving me while walking back to the beach

and thank you to ceren for telling me when i do stupid things, and for putting me back in line

and thanks to dustin for trying to protect me.

and thank you to felicia for being there for me today.

and to ates for driving me everywhere, always.

and to ashley for being SO fucking cute.

and to everyone else last night for being nice to me.

kristyn is a very cool girl. and we talked last night. and i'm glad i'm getting to know her, because i think if i talked with her more i would like her a lot.

but YOU, YOU were too fucking busy for me. and that hurt me a lot. you knew i was upset, but you brushed it off. i can tell you don't care anymore.
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